Self-archiving service

The Special Information Service for the Study of Religion offers scholars a self-archiving service in order to increase online accessibility to literature of the study of religion. You can self-archive your essays and articles via a simple process and make them available in Green Open Access.

If you already have a RelBib-account and your access to your author ID has been approved, you only need to login, select the article you want to upload and click on "Self-archive".

If you haven't registered yet for this service, you should proceed as follows:


  1. You need a RelBib account.
  2. You can register using a valid e-mail address. You can access the registration and login pop-up window by pressing on the „Login” button at the top right corner of the home page.

    Once you have a RelBib account, you can proceed with your request.

    Requesting Access Rights

  3. Once you’ve logged into your RelBib account, you can request access to your author ID. First click on the tab labelled „Persons / Corporations“ above the search field, then search for your name and select the right entry.
  4. Click on the button „Request access rights (This is me!)“.
  5. Your request will be automatically sent to the RelBib-team. We will then verify your identity and inform you within a few days per e-mail whether your request has been approved.
  6. In the next step, you can upload your articles.

    Upload (self-archive)

  7. Once your request has been approved, log into your RelBib account. You can now select every essay linked to you as an author for self-archiving. When you click on the „Self-archive“ button, you can upload your article as a PDF-file.
  8. Your file then gets uploaded on our repository. It should be available in Open Access to other users on the following day. At the same time, stable links (handle/doi) to the file are generated, which you can also access on the following day. These links are permanent, and you can use them in your research and teaching activities.

  9. Any questions?

    Please also see our FAQ for further information.

    If you have any trouble uploading your files, or for any other problem or question you might have, please contact us at


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