RelBib content

RelBiB is a specialist database with content from various sources. On the one hand, all the titles bought by the FID Study of Religion are indexed here. Far beyond this, the database provides information on monographs, collected works, series, journals and journal articles, websites and other relevant material which are indexed in the database with the aid of various technical procedures without having been acquired or licensed by Tübingen University Library.

Users who nevertheless miss a title in RelBib, which is of interest for the study of religion, can report it to the RelBib team using the form Suggest a title.

Titles that are listed in RelBib but are not available in any German library can be suggested for purchase to the team via PDA.

Criteria for the inclusion of titles in RelBib

The definition of what is considered relevant to the study of religion and therefore to be included in RelBib is a very wide one:

Included are all1 religion-related topics that are examined within cultural studies, social sciences or with historical methods.

In general, theological-exegetical and philological investigations of religious texts are excluded. For capacity reasons, the indexing of articles from purely Islamic, Judaistic, Indological, Japanese, Sinological, etc. journals is excluded at present. We plan to include articles from such journals by cooperation with other libraries or interested teams of researchers in the near future.

Formal criteria

For capacity reasons, the Relbib team cannot yet consider every form of publication. In some cases, RelBib benefits from so-called external services (= cataloguing services of other libraries) or metadata deliveries of large publishers. Please find out below about what we regularly index in RelBib and what is excluded.

Publication formIndexed in Relbib?
Monographs and anthologies ("books") print and onlineyes
Journals (complete recording) print and onlineyes
Articles in journalsyes
additional recordings of metadata and indexes of other libraries, as far as accessible
Articles in anthologiesIn planning, starting from July 2019
Occasionally indexed when provided by other institutions.
ReviewsIn planning
yes – review articles with a separate title from the journals of the above list;
In addition: reviews that can be imported automatically.
Articles in encyclopaedias or encyclopediasno (exception: green open access service)
Databases as a wholeyes
Other media, e.g. podcasts, weblogsyes
Titles in other than Latin alphabetsno (RelBib team)
Under discussion: Inclusion of metadata if provided from outside